Snacks To Bring On Your Next RV Adventure

Snacks To Bring On Your Next RV Adventure

Planning for an RV adventure is lots of fun! But there are some things which we often forget about until the last minute. One of these are road snacks. There are generally forgotten until when you are hungry on the road. This results in buying candy bars and crisps at the gas station. Not a great idea if you are planning on traveling for a month or more. Before you next adventure, don’t forget about some healthy snacks to prepare in advanced. Here are some ideas.

Cut Up Vegetables

One of our favorite snacks while on a road trip is cut up vegetables. They are really quick to prepare, delicious, very healthy, and fill you up. Carrots and celery are great. Try adding in some raw broccoli and cherry tomatoes too for an even tastier snack.

Protein Bars

Protein bars are another great option to keep you going while on the road. Just make sure to check the ingredients lists and avoid bars with added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Protein bars are great energy food while on the go and are really convenient.


Having some fruit while you have a sweet tooth is great. Having an apple generally satisfies that craving while not making you feel sick afterwards. We recommend bringing apples, oranges (although a little messy), bananas, and pears. These will all keep you going without making you feel sick.


Be a little careful with this one. It is easy to drink 4-5 coffees a day when you are road tripping. It is also easy to drink 1-2 iced coffees, and a couple of sodas too. But, you should try and avoid all of these. If you must drink coffee, try 1-2 coffees a day. Otherwise drink tea, lots of water or even coconut water.

Nuts / Trail Mix

Finally, nuts are a great option. Try not to overdo this one though as nuts are great for you in smaller quantities but are not so good in higher quantities. They are a little higher in fat but that is completely fine in smaller doses. Trail mixes are great too. Just avoid trail mixes with added chocolate or other candy.