Packing Essentials for Traveling Light

Packing Essentials for Traveling Light

Whether you are road triping in your RV or your car, we want to bring enough things without going overboard. It is really easy to overload our cars / RV’s with our stuff making a less enjoyable trip as we are cramped and increased gas usage. In addition, if you’re heading out on a vacation that requires a lot more walking and foot travel than driving, carrying around a very heavy bag is nothing more than added weight – literally. Avoid all of these all too common travel crises by packing lighter no matter where or how you’re planning on traveling, with these expert tips on how to create less weighty luggage.

Bring Multi-Function Items

If you want to help make room in your vehicle, try focusing you’re packing on items that have multiple purposes and uses. For example, if you’re headed somewhere beachy and tropical, pack a sarong – this garment can be used as a blanket, a swim cover-up, a skirt, dress, and even a beach towel. If you don’t have to, try and avoid to bring your moisturizer and skin care products. Happen to own a few pairs of zippered cargo pants? Perfect – these can become shorts or capris with one unzip of the pant legs. You’ll save yourself space and weight by packing fewer items altogether.

Pack According to the Rule of Three

Some experienced travelers swear by what’s called the rule of three: packing only three of each item that you plan on needing throughout your travels. Instead of cramming your luggage full of a week’s worth of underwear, socks, pants, swimsuits, and tops, pack only three of each. That’s right – just three pairs of underwear, socks, and other items. Chances are, you’re traveling somewhere where you’ll have access to laundry facilities or a local laundromat, so you can wash and re-wear all of these items as needed.

Minimize Your Clothing

Finally, be wary when folding your items in the actual packing process. Most of us grab our clothes, fold them in half twice, and toss them haphazardly into a bag. Instead, roll your clothing up. This method will not only help to prevent fold creases in your unpacked clothing, but also takes up considerably less space in a suitcase. Roll your clothes as tightly as possible, and you’ll discover unused room.