What Are Some Of The Most Difficult Things About Parenting?

What Are Some Of The Most Difficult Things About Parenting?

No amount of reading parenting books can fully prepare you to the challenges of rearing a new life poses. Espeially when you are on your first RV adventure with kids. Despite warnings and tips from family members and friends, when the situation presents itself before you, the roller-coaster emotions of parenting a child can really take you to the highest high and the lowest low.

Aside from juggling various tasks, the whole experience can be too much exhilarating. Parents share the difficulties they go through with the arrival of the newest member of the family.

Keeping Your Kids Busy While On The Road

It is really important to keep your kids busy during your next RV adventure. A bored child can lead to a miserable trip. Make sure to bring some of their favorite toys along with a portable DVD player and books. These things should keep your kids busy for at least a few hours a day while you manage to travel good distances.

Lack of Sleep

Once you give birth to another human being, expect your schedule to be turned upside down. Just when you are about to doze off, a shriek or cry will bring you back to the state of wakefulness. While awake, it’s not as if you just sit down and stare at the baby. You have to carry, feed, and lull the baby to sleep – which takes a lot of physical and emotional toll on your part. Sleep deprivation should be anticipated so get as much sleep whenever you can.

Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding in itself is not an easy thing to do. Certain issues, like not being able to lactate, or the milk produced is not enough, are problems in itself. What more if you are in a public place and you have to feed your baby? Although there are now clothing accessories to help you cover and provide you with privacy while breastfeeding in public, it does not mean that everything can run smoothly. One, you need a quiet corner where you can do your feeding undisturbed.

Potty Training

Now, there goes the poop! Potty training is essential but it is easier said than done. Check the diaper every now and then and change as often as you can. Always keep the baby clean to keep him away from possible sickness or infection.

Dealing with Tantrums

Uh-oh, the scream just went a few decibels higher. Children have a mind of their own and there are no clear-cut solutions on how to calm them down. Each child is unique and what works for one may not work for another. That is why you have to pack a lot of patience because getting mad may just stress you and the baby out and worsen the situation.