Air Conditioning In Your RV

Air Conditioning In Your RV

The hot, sticky and prickly sensation brought by the sun’s rays can often be unbearable, especially during the height of summer. Even a short walk from your office to the parking lot can often take a toll when the temperature is on the rise. The instantaneous thing we do as soon as we enter our vehicles is to turn on the car’s air con to ward off the heat.

While the cool blast of the air conditioning unit in your car can momentarily relieve you from the hot weather outside, there is a downside with regularly exposing yourself to this cold air. And it’s not just the sudden change of temperature that has a negative consequence on your body, including your skin.

Whether your walking to your RV or just did a workout. Sweating is the natural’s body to cool the body. However, air conditioning draws moisture from your skin and does the cooling itself, replacing your body’s perspiration with cold air. The normal response of your body to heat becomes hampered and the body becomes confused. Also, when moisture is absent, the skin becomes flaky and itchy. Imagine being exposed to this scenario on a daily basis and your body’s automatic response to heat will be damaged.

The thing is: you are exposed to air conditioning for almost the entire day – at home, in the office, in the grocery store, and even in your car. Albeit you cannot control being exposed to air conditioning in public venues or in your office, you can manipulate the one in your home or in your car. You can limit its use in these places. Also, you can take other precautions to keep your skin from drying.

  1. Apply cream or lotion on your skin to moisturize it. Do this at least thrice a day to reduce the drying effect of air conditioning on your skin. Also use a lip balm to keep it from cracking.
    2. Drink lots of water, at least eight glasses a day.
    3. Keep your air conditioning’s temperature at 25 degrees Celsius.
    4. If you are on a long drive, particularly in suburbs or in the countryside, you can turn off your air con and bring your windows down to let fresh air in and circulate.