Top 5 Relationship Killers

Make Sure To Avoid These Relationship Killers

Relationships are a work-in-progress. Once you have one, don’t simply take it for granted. Every relationship needs work, you don’t stop after the courtship. You continue to work together so your relationship can move forward. However, things aren’t always perfect. There will be times when you encounter issues and how you deal with it together will tell whether you are in for a breakup or your bond will strengthen despite the challenge. Here are five of the relationship killers that you should be aware of so you know how to deal with them.

Spending Too Much Time Together

This is especially important if you are spending long periods of time with your partner in an RV. Spending a lot of time together in such a small area can be very difficult. If you feel this is all getting too much on your next RV trip, try and do a few things seperately. Go for a walk on your own or even take a tour on our own. When you next see your partner, you will feel a lot better.


If you are in a relationship and you are entertaining the thought of being with someone else then this is something that you should be alarmed about. Look at your current relationship and ask yourself why you feel this way. What do you expect from this relationship and what do you expect from your partner. Discuss this together and do something about it instead of succombing into the temptation.


It can start from one small thing. You could be annoyed by your partner’s tone of voice when he asks you something. The question is, have you talked to him about it? Unfortunately, your partner can’t read your mind so he will never know. Before you know it, you find yourself getting annoyed by every little thing that he does.

Too much dependence or independence

There has to be a right balance because if you are too dependent then your partner may feel smothered. On the other end of the spectrum if there is too much independence then then there is a possibility that both of you may grow apart.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction can be one of the top reasons for relationship killers if applicable. There can be so many reasons for ED such as stress, poor diet, health issues, or perhaps it is that you don’t find your partner attractive. There are things you can do to spice up your relationship such as trying out toys in the bedroom, trying to connect in a deeper level, or use of products such as Viagra.

Controlling Behavior

Being concerned is one thing. But if you are trying to control almost all the things that your partner does then this could spell trouble. People who are controlling are often insecure and afraid. If you feel that you are being controlled, talk to your partner to let him know how you feel.

Getting Into A Routine

When you have been together for too long, things somehow feels ordinary, like it’s a routine that you need to do each and every single day. When things start to feel like this then it’s a sign that you need some excitement. Surprise your partner. Do something different together. Try a different sport or a hobby or do something spontaneous.